Precautions For Cleaning And Cleaning After Moving

Household cleaning is undoubtedly a big project, especially move in cleaning, home furnishings are chaotic, and there is dust and garbage everywhere. How to clean, how to clean some furniture, how to keep it is a headache. The editor brings you some kind of clean coup and clean action, with a look of precautions.

1) Moving House Cleaning Tips

1. Sofa

The leather sofa of the present invention can be made of cloth, and can keep the appearance of the sofa bright as new; if there is oil stains, leather cleaners can be used to clean pen stains or alcohol. Fur cloth sofa can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, brush with a clean brush with a small amount of diluted alcohol, and then dry with a hair dryer (if the juice stains), mix with a small amount of soda water, and wipe with a cloth to remove the stains. Please remember that cloth sofas are not waterproof, and a large amount of water penetration will cause mold inside the sofa, so you do not need to use a lot of water when cleaning.

2. Wooden Furniture

Take a clean rag to see if it is soaked in milk that has expired and cannot drink, and then wipe it with a cloth table, cabinet and other wooden furniture. The decontamination effect is very good, and finally the reuse rate of the wiping water. If you accidentally scald the furniture or the smoke leaves burnt marks, you can use white wine, toilet water or tea dipped in a rag to gently wipe the burn marks, and then apply a layer of wax to reduce the burn marks.

3. Carpet

There are always various stains on the carpet. Machine washing is not convenient. In fact, you can first moisten it with water, then dry it with a dry cloth, and then sprinkle salt on the spot. When the salt surface penetrates into the carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the salt from the carpet, the salt covered with dirt will be sucked away, and the carpet will become clean. You can smooth the carpet with a brush.

4. Refrigerator

The outer surface of the refrigerator can be squeezed onto the outer surface with toothpaste, and then clean the outer surface of the refrigerator with a damp cloth. Cut off the power, take out the food in the refrigerator, use warm water to clean the interior with detergent, and separate the internal network and the glass plate. (Lemon and grapefruit peel are used as natural scents to absorb odors, and a bowl of soda water).

5. Range Hood

The range hood is a piece of furniture that is more difficult to handle. Pour in warm water and flour to make a thick paste. With oil fume on the Internet, organize 3-5 minutes after sticking to the batter, tear paper towel and brush. Sponge the rough surface, and then wipe the batter with a clean cloth.

The most troublesome thing after moving is cleaning. The furniture in the house was in a mess, and there was dirt and garbage everywhere. If the most troublesome thing after moving is cleaning, the furniture in the house is messy and there are dirt and garbage everywhere. If you do it yourself, it is always difficult and it will not achieve the desired effect. At this time, most of your friends will choose a special cleaning service singapore to take charge, which saves effort and effort. It can make cleaning more thorough.

2) Preventive Measures For Cleaning After Moving

1. Oxalic Acid

In order to save trouble, many cleaning staff will use clean oxalic acid. Oxalic acid may cause strong damage to stainless steel products, and stainless steel products will lose their luster and it is difficult to recover.

2. Wire Ball

Ceramic glaze is easily damaged by iron wire balls and cannot be restored.

3. Glass

The glass used by many cleaners is dirty, and there are even many hard objects on it. As a result, when the glass is cleaned, the glass can be wiped out of the glass.

4. Floor Drain

Cleaning staff often do not want us to be so careful. The ground can be directly washed with water, but sometimes there are a lot of debris on the ground, even if it is cement gray, which is directly washed to the floor drain, which is very easy to drain and block.

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